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Get The Sleep You Want

Kraisinger Family Dentistry has a wide selection of sleep care products to help you get the good sleep you need. Products we have available include:

Get Your Oral Surgery Done By A Dentist You Can Trust

When you need a tooth extracted or a biopsy, schedule your appointment with Krasinger Family Dentistry today. With experienced doctors and highly trained staff, we will make sure you are comfortable through the entire procedure. You will always know exactly what our procedures will do for you, before you undergo them.

Sleep Soundly With Our Sleep

Care Products!

Our Oral Surgery Services:

  • Wisdom teeth

  • Simple extractions

  • Surgical extractions

  • Brush biopsy

  • Endodontic (root canal) therapy

Tooth Extraction:

Tooth extraction is done only if the tooth is in severe decay and beyond rescue. Tooth extraction and dental implant procedures can be expensive and time consuming.

Hence the dentist would advise root canal treatment, which is less invasive and saves the natural tooth.

  • Occlusal guards

  • Sleep apnea appliances

  • Snoring products

  • Teeth grinding prevention

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